About Us

We are a pre-school based in the village of Sutton-In-The-Isle, near Ely, Cambridgeshire. We also provide wraparound care for children aged 2 - 11 years through our breakfast and after school club. We have specialised sessions for children aged 2 - 3 years. We also use our venue to provide birthday parties at the weekends. Entertainment, catering and party bags all available.


Our Mission

Recognising the individual needs and requirements of each child.

Encouraging positive self-image.

Understanding that children learn through play and first hand experiences.

Understanding that there is potential in all children which will emerge when they are given the chance and a secure and interesting environment in which to display it.

Placing importance on what each child can do and not what they can't and moving them forward.

Committing the group to providing equal opportunities to all children and their families and that activities are open to all.

Encouraging parents and carers to take an active part in the group.

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